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Creating a life that is positively good for you...

The Taste of the Mediterranean is a free, non-sponsored, non-commercial, "just for the passion of it.." resource to celebrate good food and a healthy lifestyle. Here you can unlock the secrets which create the possibility of many years of longer, healthier and happier living..

It’s important stuff!

  • Diet is considered to be a causal or contributing factor in up to half of cancers.
  • Lifestyle (lack of exercise and dietary habits) is thought to be a direct cause in over fifty percent of heart attacks.
  • Diet and lifestyle patterns as recommended here have been shown to perhaps reduce the risk of “cardiac events” by as much as 76% and to potentially increase life expectancy free from heart disease by an average of nine years.

(Eurosciences Communicatons 2000. For lovers of science - see more gripping evidence in book download appendices)

The Taste of the Med website is designed to make a healthy diet and lifestyle an easy, accessible reality.

We live in a world where healthy eating messages are often negative and "diet" means "dare i eat that". However we can instead celebrate the wonderful gold standard Mediterranean Diet, the fundamental principles of which are variety, natural goodness and simplicity. Our bodies and minds have evolved over thousands of years to flourish with this, our native diet. Taste of the Mediterranean is designed to bridge the gap between the science of health and experiencing the joy of a “positively good for you” lifestyle - To make healthy eating a wonderful part of everyday life... to be inspired by fabulous foods...

"It's not so much about recipes, it's more about ingredients.." encapsulates the Taste of the Med approach to great tasting food. Simplicity, health and combining fantastic flavours are the most important aspects of meal preparation.

The mission of Taste of the Mediterranean is to show how fantastic tasting food combinations can enrich our experience, providing the greatest opportunity for a long and healthy life. And to show how to shop to create a protective diet low in harmful fats, additives and salt, and high in fibre, rich in cleansing antioxidants, highly colourful, cholesterol lowering, naturally unprocessed, and full of wonderfully tasting and simply prepared low GI foods.

The Mediterranean Diet is based on principles which are easy to transfer to our patterns of living in other parts of the World, adding local ingredients which share the health giving properties of the natural produce of the Mediterranean. Taste of the Mediterranean is about the passion for understanding and unlocking the "secrets" of these simple yet powerful dietary and lifestyle factors which can be so influential in maximising health and wellbeing.

Initiatives include a series of lectures and seminars at venues including educational colleges and institutes, and availability for consultancy and presentations for the public and health professionals, for commerce and industry. Appearances include National Association of Primary Care Conference, UK Food and Drinks Innovation Network, and the US based Health Sciences Institute. Demonstrations of healthy cooking and meal preparation including appearances at the Speciality Fine Food Fair, Olympia, London.



The Olive Oil Diet -  co - written with Judy Ridgway, published by Robinsons and available from book stores and from Amazon


Dr Simon Poole


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