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Cambridge, UK, July 6th 2011 Press Release

The Lard and Dumplings Award 2011 Results are Announced by Dr Simon Poole

It may not be as big as X Factor, but the Lard and Dumplings Award 2011 has reached its final exciting climax. Catch the video on; and find out more information at

Finalists for the award include "Flora Cuisine" - a cooking goo produced by the chemical company giant (thankfully no longer promoting "high in polyunsaturates" marg) which implies it is healthier than olive oil...

The olive oil spread with only 2% Extravirgin Olive Oil (30% refined, low quality oil).....
The low fat products with only the healthy fats taken out.....
The low fat products packed with sugars......and the "healthy eating" ranges full of additives.....

The Jamie Oliver (of "school dinners " fame) big burger containing a massive 73% of an adult's maximum daily saturated fat recommendation, possibly the fattiest ,most unhealthy burger on the high street....

And the "Olympics 2012 Sponsors Meal" consisting of a Big Mac, Fries, Cadbury's Orange Choco desert with Coca-cola, Pringles and a bottle of Heineken...representing a heady mix way in excess of daily maximum guidelines of saturated fat, sugars,alcohol and salt - try exercising that lot off! (The IOC in 1994 declared allegiance to the WHO promotion of a healthy lifestyle)

Dr Simon Poole selects the food products with the most "imaginative, misleading, hypocritical or frankly stupid" nutritional labels, health claims or associations.
Dr Poole, author of the non-commercial TasteoftheMed website with its positive message of naturally good for you foods and recipes, free Ebook and public lectures, comments;
"The science of healthy eating and lifestyle is advancing at pace with compelling evidence of how we can add quality years to life, and yet poor understanding of basic nutrition is widespread amongst the public and even the medical profession (Ref 1). The food industry often compounds this sad state of affairs by filling low fat products with excess sugars, by associating unnecessarily unhealthy saturated fatty foods with so called health initiatives and by so often failing to celebrate the wonderfully beneficial qualities of natural, unprocessed, colourful and high antioxidant foods which can keep our bodies healthy and in great shape."

He goes on to describe the inspiration for the Awards;
"This tongue in cheek look at common foods sold in supermarkets exposes the exploitation of some misconceptions about healthy eating. Many of the promotions we see are based on the outdated and oversimplistic assertions of the benefits of a "low fat/ high carb" diet which is probably bad for you (Ref2), completely ignoring the accepted understanding that some fats are good for you, and that the high glycaemic index of sugars and some carbohydrates are the most significant contributing factors to the obesity epidemic and diabetes."
Many such multimillion pound producers pedal their foods to be recommended "as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle". A trite and disingenuous excuse to attempt to justify their over processed, unhealthy and unnecessarily saturated fat laden products which are playing their part in our culture of fast-food and fat fuelling snacks..

"Why not try a wonderful garlic and lemon salmon fillet dressed with extravirgin olive oil, with rice and asparagus, or cajun chicken and walnut spinach salad instead at and see the compelling science behind the scientifically proven gold standard diet and lifestyle...(Ref 3+)

Notes for editors;
It cannot be guaranteed that no Big Macs were harmed during these awards
Ref 1Inadequate physician knowledge of the effects of diet on blood lipids and lipoproteins.Flynn et al Nutrition Journal 2003 2;19
Ref 2 Low fat diets, triglycerides and coronary heart disease risk. Helen M Roche.Nutrition Bulletin Vol 25 March 2000
Ref 3+amongst a vast body of published research; Adherence to the Mediterranean Diet and Health Status - a meta analysis F. Sofi British Medial Journal 2008
And the 10-year study published in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) finding that adherence to a Mediterranean diet and healthful lifestyle was associated with more than a 50% lowering of early death rates
Dr Simon Poole