The Taste Of The Mediterranean

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September 2010

Following publication of research from Rome reporting reduced rates of malignant melanoma where an antioxidant rich diet is enjoyed, a review article in the journal Nutrition Reviews has further explored the beneficial effects of diet in this specific area.
There are probably a number of reasons for low melanoma rates in the Mediterranean area, but it is becoming clearer that diet plays an important role.
Dr Shapira has studied the detailed relationship between diet and the risk of skin cancer, finding that cell damage and photo-oxidation can be limited by the protective antioxidants in olive oil and colourful fruits and vegetables. Dr Shapira again emphasized the importance of the whole diet in combining the positive ingredients rather than relying on vitamin supplements.
In these times of global warming and increased exposure to the potentially harmful UV rays of the sun, it is clear that we can protect ourselves best through a combination of healthy eating and taking appropriate measures to avoid excessive exposure to the sun.