The Taste Of The Mediterranean

Creating a life that is positively good for you...


STEP 1; The Bottom Line - Plan your meals and shopping around a well balanced Mediterranean diet. Live longer.

STEP 2; The Bottom line - Colourful fruits and Vegetables are packed with goodies to prevent disease. Buy more, eat more.

STEP 3; The Bottom Line - olive oil has numerous health giving effects. Make it readily available for cooking, dressing, splashing and mixing. Get to know it, get to love it.

STEP 4; The Bottom Line - Endulge a passion for Fruit to protect from cancer and heart disease. Create opportunities and variety.

STEP 5; The Bottom Line - Pick great tasting, antioxidant snacks. Buy them, Bowl them, Believe in them.

STEP 6; The Bottom Line - A squirt of lemon, a pinch of herbs, and garlic everywhere to keep a healthy state.

STEP 7; The Bottom Line - Ground Flaxseed on cereal and boost your heart.

STEP 8; The Bottom Line - Celebrate fine wine knowing it is good for you. Ensure your three cups of tea a day.

STEP 9; The Bottom Line - Add a little Dark chocolate to end your Evening Meal.

STEP 10; The Bottom Line - Exercise for health and joy. Catch the Buzz.

Ten simple enjoyable steps to a longer and healthier life. It’s positively good for you. ENJOY!