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Creating a life that is positively good for you...


Fitness and health for bodily wealth

Exercise protects the body from heart disease, some cancers, obesity, diabetes and stress…... But more than that it gives a sense of well being, fitness and energy.


  • Exercise is the answer to tiredness
  • Exercise is the answer to fatigue
  • Exercise is the answer to stress
  • Exercise energises other parts of our life.
  • Exercise allows you to enjoy all of those really great foods by burning up the calories to maintain a healthy weight.

For exercise to do all these things, you need to get the “BUZZ”

The exercise Buzz.

Science has long observed the natural “high” that is experienced by many people after exercise and there have been a number of theories to explain this. Naturally occurring substances in the brain such as serotonin, endorphins and encaphalins may play a part.

It is also known that some people lose the sense of wellbeing if they do not have the opportunity to exercise- it is “slightly addictive”.

But let’s be clear. There is nothing wrong with being “addicted” to an activity that promotes a sense of well being, fitness and energy. That reduces stress, risk of heart disease and cancers. That improves mental functioning and probably reduces the likelihood of dementia.

Some people exercise without sensing the buzz. Light regular exercise to burn up calories, maintain a healthy heart and weight is a good thing, but to really get the best from exercise you need to “CATCH THE BUZZ...”

Catching the buzz

Be patient, this may take some time. To feel the sense of joy and energy from regular exercise may take some working out.

The amount and effort of activity depends on your baseline weight and fitness. You may wish to achieve weight loss before cardiovascular fitness. There may need to be a gradual build up towards the minimum average 30 minutes thrice weekly cardiovascular work and 30 minutes resistance training. If in doubt seek the advice of a physician or qualified trainer. Ultimately you may choose to tone muscles rather than build, to exert comfortably in the lower pulse rate zone rather than catch the real buzz in a true sweat work out.

Exercise may drive up appetite, and what a great opportunity to eat “positively good for you” foods. If you are overweight, feed your appetite with low calorie foods, if you are within limits then you can eat as much olive oil and other goodies as you wish.

Remember, for any given BMI (body mass index- a ratio of weight and height), a person exercising and eating more is far healthier than a sedentary person trying to control their intake in dieting.

Different people need different means to catch the buzz. Here are a few tips. Some or all of them may help;

  • The right kit. Whilst it is not absolutely necessary, good quality gym equipment whether for a small room or an area designated a “gym” is a real motivator.
  • Regular schedule. A routine is also important. A “circuit” of activity, different sports and a set aside time to enjoy the space and freedom of exercise may be essential. For your fitness be selfish. Make and demand time in your busy schedule, whether first thing in the day or later at home. It is vital to invest in your body for your sake and for those you love, and who wish you to live longer and healthier.
  • Motivated by machines. Equipment sometimes is available with fitness guides and pulse meters. A great motivator is the knowledge that you are training your heart by exercising in a “cardiac fitness zone” of pulse rate (see below) for sufficient time to be “POSITIVELY GOOD FOR YOU”. Pulse rate monitors are inexpensive and easy to use.
  • Maintaining interest. Some like the solitude of thinking whilst exercising whilst others appreciate TV or music. Whatever suits.
  • Personal trainers or joining a gym. Expensive, but the only way to achieve “catching the buzz” for some.
  • Targets and goals. Setting a goal to gradually increase performance or time of exercising is a means to success for some. Do not over reach or you may give up. Computer programmes can help to plot fitness, BMI etc over time.
  • Body image. If you tone muscles with exercise and feel the glow and gentle throbbing of your body, you will feel taller, stronger, fitter and sexier! Do it for the feeling.
Age Target HR Zone
Average Maximum Heart Rate 100%
20 years 100-150 beats per minute 200
25 years 98-146 beats per minute 195
30 years 95-142 beats per minute 190
35 years 93-138 beats per minute 185
40 years 90-135 beats per minute 180
45 years 88-131 beats per minute 175
50 years 85-127 beats per minute 170
55 years 83-123 beats per minute 165
60 years 80-120 beats per minute 160
65 years 78-116 beats per minute 155
70 years 75-113 beats per minute 150

Your maximum heart rate is approximately 220 minus your age. The figures above are averages and should be used as general guidelines.

STEP 10; The Bottom Line - Exercise for health and joy. Catch the Buzz.