The Taste Of The Mediterranean

Creating a life that is positively good for you...

Recipes; You Don't have to be a celebrity chef........

Using ingredients which are positively good for you is simple. Every day meals can be prepared after a day at work, or can be presented with a special wine at a dinner party.

Taste of the Mediterranean recipes are designed for modern living, and for healthy combinations.

if you use natural ingredients, you don’t have to be a celebrity chef to achieve great results. A good recipe allows for variety and spontaneity, creativity and individuality. The only rule is to prepare food safely. The rest is up to you...

The greatest joy of creating meals is to produce a hassle- free, tasty and fabulously healthy, for example;

King Prawns with Pasta and Basil

Prepare the  wholewheat pasta – whatever shape you like!

Meanwhile heat the Extravirgin Olive Oil in a frying pan. Fry the King prawns or mixed seafood according to producers guidance. Add some chopped spring onions, red, yellow and green peppers, sliced tomatoes,  with ready chopped garlic, ready chopped ginger, along with any combination of;

Tomato paste, soy sauce,  black pepper, herbs, chilli, spices, chopped sun dried tomatoes...

Add the contents of the pan to the drained pasta and serve with a fantastic colourful mixed side salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing, a slice of lemon and adorned with fresh basil leaves...

Enjoy with a glass of wine and celebrate the low GI, low saturated fat, high antioxidant meal which is part of the protective Mediterranean Diet.

Prepared and served in 10 minutes!!


Chicken kebabs

For the summer, chicken kebabs are a great choice.

Marinate chicken pieces in lemon juice, garlic, olive oil, fresh chopped or dried coriander and basil. Add chilli powder for a little extra kick, or a teaspoon of honey for a slightly sweeter finish.

Grill the chicken pieces on a skewer with peppers of different colours and red onions.

Meanwhile the drained sauce can be mixed with low fat yoghurt before drizzling over the kebabs during the final phase of cooking...

Meanwhile cook some brown rice and serve with sliced spring onions.

Serve with a salad mix perhaps including lettuce, herbs, tomatoes, cucumber, mixed nuts, raw spinach, celery and beetroot.

Finish off with some mixed fruits..

This recipe in rich in nutrients – the slow GI carbohydrate and the trace elements like zinc and manganese of the brown rice, the protein rich and low saturated fat chicken, with the antioxidants in the salad. In particular the vitamin E rich nuts with cholesterol lowering stanols, the mineral and omega 3 rich spinach, the lycopenes in the tomatoes and flavones in the celery. The beta carotene in the peppers and the quinines and other antioxidants in the herbs.The list of healthy compounds  goes on....

For more recipes, demonstrated live on Youtube, follow the links;

Cajun Chicken and Walnut Salad

Antioxidant spices, low saturated fat chicken, and mineral rich leafy spinach and watercress creates a fabulous combination any time of year. Walnuts (and pine nuts) add a source of vitamin E, and omega 3 oils. Nuts also contain natural stanols which may be one of the reasons they lower cholesterol levels. This salad can be created with a combination of sundried tomatoes, peppers, feta cheese and beetroot which is packed with an antioxidant called betacyanin which contributes to healthy circulation and blood pressure control. Pomegranate seeds add a crunchy, fruit flavour. Their longstanding role in ancient Indian medicine is now generating considerable interests in the antioxidant content and possible beneficial effects on health. A dressing with extravirgin olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, and a teaspoon of honey and mustard complement this dish beautifully

Prepare the chicken pieces with Cajun spices and fry lightly in extravirgin olive oil until cooked. Meanwhile prepare the salad bed with the spinach and watercress leave and add the nuts, beetroot, peppers etc to taste. Prepare the dressing and drizzle over the completed salad.


Lemon and Garlic Swordfish with Rice

This is a wonderfully simple recipe to prepare in a few minutes. Brown rice is low GI and a great source of B vitamins and minerals, and of course fish is full of omega3 heart healthy oils.

The dressing, based on antioxidant rich extravirgin olive oil contains lemon juice, rich in Vitamin C, and garlic, considered to have beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. The compound known as lycopene present in the tomato of the passata is also a powerful antioxidant, and is not diminished by gentle cooking.

 Swordfish, (or tuna ) can be grilled or griddled, basted with a little olive oil dressing, whilst boiling the rice. The ingredients for the dressing can include crushed garlic, lemon juice, black pepper, and a little passata, and a can be drizzled over the dish to enhance the delicious brown rice. Spring onions can be mixed with the rice to add a little extra flavour. Serve with coloured vegetables.

Roasted Salmon with Honey and Herbs and Rosemary New Potatoes

 Succulent and healthy omega3 rich salmon fillets can be great with a combination of flavours which are packed with goodness.

Honey has been known for centuries for its healing properties, probably derived from natural protective preservatives from bees and many herbs, particularly rosemary contain anti-inflammatory salicylates -  compounds with properties similar to aspirin, so widely used in modern medicine.

New potatoes contain many vitamins and minerals, particularly in their skins.

 Roast the salmon in the oven with a combination of extravirgin olive oil, a little balsamic vinegar, chilli flakes or paste and a teaspoon of mild honey. Dried herbs or prepared pastes of herbs can be used in any combination to taste.

Boiled new potatoes sprinkled with fresh rosemary or paprika may be accompanied by sautéed (in olive oil of course!) red onions, peppers and sliced aubergines.

Seafood with Wholewheat Penne Pasta

This recipe is quick and easy. It combines wonderful seafoods rich in micronutrients such as zinc and selenium as well as omega3s. The seafoods can be varied, with prawns, scallops, mussels, squid, or simply flakes of salmon. The wholewheat pasta is low GI.

The extravirgin olive oil used to fry will fully cook the ingredients with minimal degradation, so most of the antioxidant polyphenol content will remain – helping promote a healthy heart.

Celery is rich in apigenin, a chemical thought to play a role in decreasing inflammation, and ginger's most active compound gingerol has been shown to have antibacterial properties. The capsaicin in chili is known to have effects which may help circulation.

 Prepare the wholemeal pasta whilst lightly frying the red onions, peppers and celery with a little ginger and chili, adding the seafood cooked as recommended by the producer to the pan.

Season with black pepper and add fresh basil or coriander to taste.